Michael Levin Memorial Fund

A charitable fund bearing his name has been established to help provide services for Lone Soldiers before, during and after their service in the IDF.

Our fundraising efforts have allowed us to accomplish the following:

  • We had 53 new custom made ammunition vests delivered to Michael's Paratroop combat unit, #890.
  • We have paid for travel expenses for several poor families from Eastern Europe, who without our help would not have been able to see their child, who was serving in the IDF.
  • We have hosted 4 Lone Soldier events in Israel.  These unique gatherings brought together hundreds of Lone Soldiers, for fun, relaxation, food, entertainment, counseling, job opportunities and education.
  • We have refurbished and built 2 recreation rooms on kibbutzim that host and house Lone Soldier. 
  • We financially support four lone soldier centers  that have been opened in Michael's memory.
  • We purchased a much needed moving/delivery truck for the Center(s).
  • We purchased new computer hardware and software for all four Centers.
  • We have purchased holiday gift bags, warm weather clothing for hundreds of Lone Soldiers.
  • Most recently, we have contributed funds which allowed the Jerusalem office (headquarters) to move to a much larger and desperately needed facility.

The family of Michael Levin deeply appreciates your heartfelt sympathies and any financial support you can lend to this worthwhile project.

100% of your gift is tax deductible and will be used entirely for IDF Lone Soldier projects.